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[Foldable Washing Machine] : This washing machine is foldable that you can easily take it with you, suitable for both home and travel use.It is suitable for student dorms, apartments, senior homes, traveling, camping, business trip etc.

[Washing and Drying] : This folding washing machine is integrated with washing and drying, multipurpose, small in size, but fully functional. Foldable washing machine,Blue Light & Drain basket,which is very suitable for washing childrens clothing, underwear, socks, towels, etc.effectively remove,and make your clothes clean.

[Strong Stain Removal] : This washing machine provides all round rubbing, positive and negative hand washing; with quick washing, to achieve strong stain removal effect.Coming with blue ray,It is really suitable for washing underwear or baby clothes. Keep healthy for you and your family.

[Durable Material] : Our mini portable washing machine use TPE material, more resistant to aging, yellowing, high temperature and corrosion. Our portable washer machine of food-grade silicone material is a wonderful choice for your personal items, baby items, pets items, fruits and vegetables.

[Environmental Protection] : The washer machines will send out vibration waves to remove more effectively. Energy-saving and environmental protection, saving water and electricity.Our small washing machine will be an amazing gift for people who love cleanliness, love food-healthy, travel frequently, live in school and family with pets, patients.



1,Place the laundry in the wash tub and add an appropriate amount of detergent.

2,Add the appropriate amount of water (we recommend that the water level be 3-5 cm higher than the laundry so that the water completely covers the laundry).

3,Place the lid on the wash tub, turn on the mini washer's timer and switch it to the "10min" position, and the washer will begin automatic operation.

4,When the program is finished, the timer will automatically reset and the equipment will stop.

5,Remove the laundry.

6,Disconnect the adapter from the washing machine and the power outlet.

7,Select the appropriate drainage method to drain the water in the small washing machine. Wipe out the bucket washer.


Cleaning and Care

1,After washing. When the laundry process is complete, clean out and discard the sewage water in the washer. This will cause the water quality in the washing machine to change.

2,When storing the machine, please wipe the whole machine, fold the machine according to the folding method of the folding washer, and close the lid.

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