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Product Description:

-High quality and 100% new brand for this product.

-Safety for kid and ultralight design to reduce kid burden.

-Attractive design to make kid feeling happy and fun to play.

-No include batttery. (3 X AA battery) -it has LED light and music.

-Packaging dimension: 56.5cm X 17.5cm X 30 cm Load Bearing: 2kg


Suitable For Ages: 1-2 Years Suitable for height below 86CM

Cute mini baby bike, it is not only a interesting toy, but also is a toddler tool, your baby will love and enjoy it.

It is designed for 13 to 18 months baby, which can exercise baby's balance ability, hands and feet coordination, social ability and independence, self confident.

This bike the bicycle without pedal, so it must be balance by baby self, by the baby's balance ability to master the operation of the bike.

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