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PRODUCT SIZE : 22cm x 11cm x 7cm

BOX SIZE : 24cm x 19cm x 9cm



PBOX Kid Microscope will teach children to work with adults on how to analyze subjects of all matter using this basic science microscope kit. Kids can use this educational microscope to collect, observe, analyze specimens, and record findings on their objects.Your children will receive educational insights from this microscope kit. It features a refined microscope with 100x, 400x and 1200X magnification powers and a powerful LED light.


Head: monnocular Magnification: 100X/400X/1200X

Power: 2 AA batteries(not included) Achromatic Objective: 10X,40X,120X Eyepiece: WF10X, adjustable Focusing: knobs Stage: one layer mechanical stage Converter: 3 holes downward) Material: ABS

Age Recommendation: 5  years old.

 kids microscope


1. Open the batteries compartment door after unscrewing the protecting screw. 

2. Insert two AA batteries, as directed in the compartment's bottom. 

3. Put back the protecting screw. 

4. Lift the nose piece as much as possible with the upper wheel. 

5. Put a slide with the tissue or organism you want to observe on the tray, fixed under the two blockers. 

6. Point the light up, and switch it on. 

7. Set the sharpness with the upper wheel, and adjust the eyepiece to your eyesight by turning it gently. 

8. Adjust the light intensity with the lower wheel. Too much light can crush some low contrast details. 

9. Be careful, when going from the smallest to the largest magnification, lift the tube to avoid hitting the tray.

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