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Refrigerator Cold Kettle --- This kettle is small and convenient, and you can do whatever you want. You can easily put it in the refrigerator. The crystal-clear walls grant you the grand view of the goodness inside.

Safe and Reliable --- This kettle is safe to use, sturdy and durable, because it is made of the safest food-grade PP material, it is not afraid of falling, not afraid of temperature differences. Can withstand temperature differences from -20°C to 120°C. You can pour boiling water directly into the kettle.

Faucet Design --- This kettle does not need to be opened or closed like other kettles. It has a unique faucet design, you can get drinking water by gently pressing the faucet. The faucet with rubber ring, anti-blocking, sealing, no leakage.

Large Caliber Lid --- It adopts a large-caliber lid, no need to unscrew, easy to open, convenient to add fruit, add ice cubes. You Can Directly Put Your Hand Into The Pot To Clean The Inner Wall.

Large Capacity --- No need to worry about what kind of drinks to drink, no need to worry about not having enough drinks, this container can hold 3.5 L of drinks, and you don?t need to bring a lot of drinks when you go out for fun. A cool kettle is enough.

Perfect for Ice Drinks--- This fridge water dispenser is widely used in water, fruit soaking water, cold ice coffee, tea, lemonade, cucumber water, fruit soda, homemade beverages, sangria, fruit alcoholic beverages, wine, cocktails, juices Wait. Not only can you make fruit drinks, you can also add herbs or spices to make any drink you want.

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