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  •  Wave chute: Buffer glide uses high-end, rapid, deceleration three-stage design to enhance the buffering force during taxiing and prevent knocking.
  • Widened slide area: Widened slideway to create a spacious sliding activity space. Deceleration arc at the bottom, gliding safely and smoothly.
  • Anti-skid pedal design: The surface of the pedal is treated with anti-skid texture to avoid slipping on the air, and the scientific lifting spacing makes climbing easier and safer.
  • Bottom reinforcement support: bottom reinforcement to prevent rollover, according to engineering design principles, multi-point dispersion and strong bearing
  • Streamlined armrest design: smooth streamlined armrests on both sides of the slideway, safe height groove design, which is convenient for the baby to hold and support, and slide more safely.
  • The toddler slide is made of environmental-friendly and non-toxic HDPE material that is not easily embrittled and deformed. The sturdy structure and strong load-bearing capacity allow the kid to play without worry and accompany your child for a long time.
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