Complete Nursery Health Set Baby Care Kit ETA 30/10/2018

Size: 6 IN 1
10 IN 16 IN 1
Colour: PINK
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  • Round head design baby scissor, easy to use, not easy to stab baby skin.
  • Mini nail clipper, featured stainless steel and PP material, safe embedded pliers radian close to the baby nails.
  • Nail file with smooth handle and plating file surface.
  • Tweezer with anti-skid humanized handle and transparent dust cover.
  • Nasal aspirator with round mouth to avoid hurting the baby nasal mucosa.
  • Quantitative accurate, accurate medication, avoid excessive intake.
  • Suitable for newborn infant.

BOX SIZE: 24 (L) X 4 (W) X 19.5 (H) CM

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