Colour: SILVER
Size: 2 LAYER
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[Large-capacity space-saving excellent storage capacity] Bowls, chopsticks, plates, kitchen knives, soap, etc. can be easily stored, and if left as they are, they will dry naturally. You can feel the high quality unique to the large-capacity design. By making full use of the kitchen space, we have achieved space saving and large capacity.

[Stainless Steel Durable and Rust-resistant] Made of excellent stainless steel, it has a beautiful metallic luster. It will not rust even if placed in a damp place such as a kitchen. The tray and chopstick stand are also made of 304 stainless steel and have good durability. The load capacity is 40 kg. A cupboard that can be used for many years. Also, the non-slip rubber feet make the cupboard more stable. The lower leg is taped to a non-slip mat to prevent slipping and damage the kitchen, further enhancing stability. It is a structure that does not interfere with the ergonomic flow line.

[With water tray] Our drainer basket has good breathability, the dishes can be dried quickly, and it is useful for mold and fungus prevention. Higher guardrail tableware will not fall. It is installed in a place where the drainage port is low on the tray, and water flows.

[Stable structure] The whole body is made of square pipe, non-slip rubber feet make your cupboard more stable. Ergonomic construction for unobstructed movement

(Easy to Assemble) All parts are removable, so anyone can assemble this kitchen storage rack!

Load capacity: 40 kg



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