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Portable and widely used: lightweight and portable , easy to carry; This portable kitchen knife is also the best gift for juice lovers and travel lovers, suitable for indoor and outdoor activities.

Easy to use and clean: just put the chopped ingredients in the bowl and then press the button until the processed foods are done. The garlic meat grinder can be finely washed 360 degrees without dead ends. Easy to clean after rinsing.

Long-term use: With a waterproof USB charging port and 1200mAh battery capacity, the garlic mincer can be used for a month after three hours of charging.

Stainless steel blade:  the electric food refrigerator is stronger and sharper. The garlic meat grinder is safer to use.

Efficient Chopping - The cordless mini garlic mincer can mince a lot, even a piece of garlic or ginger. There is a child lock and a magnetic device.


1. Brand new smart, electric garlic masher, which allows the family to eat fresh and healthy ingredients anytime, anywhere

2. Wireless charging super battery life, charging for three hours, can be used for one month

3. It is easy and not wasted, every meal is fresh, and a garlic or ginger can be finely crushed

4. 360-degree fine washing, no dead corners

5. Multi-function operation to release both hands

Ground garlic, ground ginger, ground fresh chilli, ground peanuts, ground meat, ground vegetables, ground carrots, ground onions.

6. Passed food-grade testing and certification, safe and healthy.


Package Included:

1*Garlic masher

1*Data cable

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