Colour: RANDOM
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Material :  high borosilicate glass + Stainless steel
Capacity : 1.8L
Rated voltage : 220w-800w

Parcel Size : 19x25x24 cm

Product advantages:

1. Stainless steel heating element. Healthy and environmentally friendly, in line with food standards.

2, transparent glass pot body, instant quenching, rapid heat, will not break, safe and hygienic, easy to clean, when cooking food, the pot is delicious.

3. When the boiled food is boiled, it can be slowly stewed and slowly boiled in a low-power state, thereby saving energy and adjusting power.

4, high-quality thermostat, multiple security protection, more stable quality, support dry burning.

5, easy to place flexible and flexible, wide insulation and anti-scaling handle design, feel comfortable, not easy to hot.

6, a pot of multi-purpose, in addition to the traditional electric kettle, you can also eat hot pot, soup, boiled dumplings, boiled noodles, boiled tea, boiled medicinal herbs, Chinese medicine, steamed cakes, steamed eggs, etc.

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