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- This is a kids toy, suitable for fishing games for kids  

- Also suitable for children's toys from the age of 1, put the toy in some water, the animal can swim in the water, it is electric magnetic , with configuration

- The fishing rod can throw off the swimming fish, and the product can also play music, children's songs

- Suitable for two people at the same time, the product is equipped with fishing nets , fishing rods, paper, etc., through the children themselves Hands-on can build the underwater world.

- This baby is the best toy. It is not only mental games, sound toys, brain games. It trains your baby's hands and brain.

- It can also exercise child's grip, senses, hand-eye coordination and visual hearing. This is a father. Mom and dad exchange interactive toys.

- It can enable children to teach early, learn while playing, and learn to enterprising consciousness, the baby has Practicing ability, and is willing to grow up in early childhood e Ducation while learning.

- For kids fishing game, it can spray water, it can also make a sound. environmental protection silicone material, non-toxic and tasteless soft, safe and secure,Beautiful sound and light effects, Diaoyutai boot, there are beautiful music and beautiful lights, but also to attract the baby's attention. - The product also comes with an intelligent power-saving mode.

- The cross-shaped fishing rod can rotate 360 degrees, and the fish can be easily hooked to meet the baby's sense of victory.

- The product comes with 3 children's songs, 3 stories, and 3 common senses.

- The best toy, which can add water, can make the water circulation rotate, let 6 animal, more vivid and lovely.

- Product Size: 20cm x 31cm x 7cm

- Weight: 0.5 kg

- Package Size: 37.5cm x 25cm x 7.5cm

- Battery: 3 AA (Not Included)

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