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  • New and fun way for your child to improve tactile motor skills.
  • Promote eye-hand and brain coordination, visual tracking, fine motor skills and concentration skills.
  • Increase of things to explore interest, also can let the baby learn to count the number of beads, basic counting
  • Kids use the magnetic wand to move the coloured wooden beads (encased in the wooden maze) around.
  • Train kids skill, stabilize pen's holding and improve logic theory.
  • Can let the baby to know the different color of the beads.
  • A small toy can let the baby to increase the variety of knowledge
  • Cute animal has increased interest in the baby toys, rich baby's ability of space imagination
  • The baby is in fine movement and to thing of sensitive period, exercise flexibility of the fingers and guide the baby thinking conversion capability, is necessary for a child learning and growing.

BOX SIZE: 28.5 X 2 X 28.5CM 

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