60 LED Solar Security Light With PIR N00982

Sensor Light,Motion Detection Garden Flood
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Have you ever come home in the dark, trip over the stairs and fumble for your keys, yet surely you do not want to leave your porch light on all day? This Solar SMD LED Door Light is the master piece of green technology for safety and security purposes without adding to your electricity bill.

The eco-friendly solar sensor light soaks up the sun and charges the rechargeable batteries during the day. At night time, the passive infrared sensor can detect movements with an extended range of up to 18m within a 180 degree radius; ensuring you won't have to fumble for your keys or stumble over those stairs anymore. Moreover, featuring 60 high performance SMD LEDs, it provides 450 lumens brightness, assuring excellent lighting with low energy consumption. The solar sensor light is a smart and simple technology to bring your place out of dark ages.

- 100% Brand New dan Kualitas Tinggi.

- Desain baru, didukung oleh tenaga surya, ada outlet listrik yang dibutuhkan
- 60 Ultra LED putih terang dengan sensor gerak.
- Beralih bagi Anda untuk beralih cahaya ke sensor cahaya, cahaya banjir atau mematikannya.
- Lampu menyala hingga 280-300 kali per terisi penuh jika digunakan sebagai sensor cahaya
- Hingga 4,5 jam dari pencahayaan konstan per terisi penuh jika digunakan sebagai cahaya banjir
- Lampu mati secara otomatis 4-120 detik (adjustable) setelah berhenti gerak
- Kira-kira 5 meter kabel dari panel surya untuk satu kepala lampu LED
- Detektor indra gerak hingga 8 ~ 15 meter dan ternyata cahaya pada
- Operasi Sensor: 5LUX-20LUX adjustable
- Sensitivitas: disesuaikan
- Baterai: 5 Potongan Ni-MH 1.2V 900mAh Baterai isi ulang (rechargeable)

Panel surya: 9V 1.2Watt
Deteksi Angle: 180 
Penilaian IP: IP44
Deteksi jarak: 8-15m
Height instalasi: 1-3m
Bahan: ABS, Aluminium, Kaca
Pengukuran tubuh cahaya: 138  90mm
Pengukuran panel surya: 192  160mm

Isi Kemasan:
1 x 60LED Banjir Cahaya
1 x Surya Panel
1 x User Manual
6 x Sekrup

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